Web Design

Web design is about more than just creating a web site that looks good, it’s about creating something that will draw in visitors, encourage them to look around the site, click on the links that matter; like “purchase” or “contact”.

When a user sees a website for the first time, they will spend an estimated 7 seconds determining if the website offers what they are looking for; if they don’t find it they will leave and look elsewhere. This makes the design and layout of a webpage crucial in captivating users and keeping them on your website.

Your website is part of your business and so there should be no cutting corners. A web site designed by Web Quub is uniquely tailored to reflect your branding and vision. A professional design will make your website appealing to customers and make them more inclined to choose your business over a competitor and bookmark your site, so individuals will return again and again.

At Web Quub we’re experts at designing websites that are great to look at and easy to use without compromising on functionality or search engine optimisation.

We value your feedback highly, it’s your website and we want it to be exactly the way you want. We don’t lock ourselves away to create your website and return with a finished design you might not even like. We work closely with you, taking feedback at every stage of the development process, making sure that you’re completely satisfied with everything. If not, we’ll sort it.

Please contact us or request a quote for more information.