Content Management

Once your website is complete, you’ll often need to make alterations or amendments to it, to keep the site up-to-date. This can be frustrating if you have to contact your designer, get them to update the website and then receive a bill. A content management system takes the designer out of the equation and lets you directly update your website instantly with a simple, browser based interface that's easy to learn.

Web Quub uses its own content management system “Web Publisher”, which is adapted for every website based on the needs of the website and the client, ensuring all of the required functionality is present.

Advanced Text Editor
Edit text, images, links and tables in a text editor similar to Microsoft Word with all the familiar formatting and arrangement tools.

Drag and Drop Page Organisation
All of the pages of your website are organised into a hierarchy which you can re-order quickly and easily by dragging and dropping pages into new places and arrangements.

Capture User Submissions
Keeping track of emails coming to you directly can be difficult enough without having to worry about users submitting forms on your website. Web Publisher stores everything in an online inbox where you can quickly access any details submitted via your website.

Search Engine Optimisation
Set keywords, description and title on a page by page basis to optimize your website for search engine spiders.

Every website is unique, and a unique website needs a unique content management system. Web Publisher is customised for every website so you have access to all of the features you need.

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